Some of Our Quality Products & Services:

Fuel Oil
Quality #2 heating oil for Residential, Commercial and Industrial needs. 
* We provide an oil additive at NO EXTRA CHARGE to:
* stabilize stored fuel and prevent sludge 
* protect tanks from corrosion and prevent fuel lubrication problems
* clean the entire fuel system and remove any existing sludge
Ultra low sulfur in both clear(on-road) or dyed(off road equipment) available for delivery or picked up at our location.
Clear or dyed. Delivered or picked up at our location.
Premium Anthracite, 40 lb. bags in Nut or Pea sizes.
Delivered or picked up at our location.
Service Contracts
Available to automatic oil delivery customers to maintain and service your equipment.
*New Installations and Plumbing Repairs 
   by our licensed service technicians.
Air Conditioning
 *New Installations (Residential and Commercial )
*Repairs and tune ups on existing systems.
Oil or Gas Boilers
& Furnaces
*New Installations (Residential and Commercial )
*Repairs and replacements on existing oil and gas systems.
Tank Replacements
*Replacement of older basement tanks
*Upgrades of underground storage tanks.
  (Residential and Commercial)
Hot Water Storage Tanks
*Repair *Replacement (Oil and gas fired units.)
Filling of propane cylinders at our location.
(*Please Note: We do NOT deliver this product.)